I’m so glad you’re here.

In all my life I never thought I would become a blogger. Yet, at the same time, my mind runs wild with thoughts 24/7, so it seems only natural, if not inevitable, that I store them somewhere, and since I’m a millennial, well, that “somewhere” means the internet, of course! 

However, unlike some other blogs you’ve come across, my goal with this one is not to draw you in with crafty headlines like “My hot takes on…” and “My Autumn Lookbook!” or talk about so-called “self-help” with titles like, “3 ways to ace your interview!” and things of that nature (no shade to those blogs. I love those blogs). My mission, and what I hope to draw your attention to is life itself, and all its glorious and frustrating quirks (hence the title– Collecting life.)

The purpose here is to inspire those who come across these e-pages to look outside of the boxes we like to confine our lives in and encourage you to embrace the beautiful chaos that life offers. Whether in culture, relationships, nature, or maybe just metaphors (I’m a big metaphor gal), this is a space dedicated to starting conversations, asking questions, and inspiring and provoking new quests for truth, empathy, and understanding.

My mind rests on the understanding that my contribution to the world isn’t to whip up and serve concrete answers. My contribution to the world is to stir the soul into a flurry of wonder about the complexities of life’s mysteries. It’s to open up the way you think about yourself, your life, your faith, the mysteries you encounter, the people you engage with, and the questions that arise to the top of your head in fresh and captivating ways.

Whew. Big dreams for a small blog– I know. But even if all you experience is a nudge here or there, it’s a win in my book.