this is me @ the Louvre trying to look like i’m not super jetlagged

In all my life I never thought I would become a blogger. Yet, at the same time, my mind runs wild with thoughts 24/7, so it seems only natural, if not inevitable, that I store them somewhere, and since I’m a millennial, well, that “somewhere” means the internet, of course! 

It’s called a blog, right? This, naturally, comes with the implication (based on the examples of other blogs I’ve stumbled across) that this is *supposed* to be a well curated space of shaved down thoughts and pithy phrases with spark and gumption. Maybe at one time I would have liked it that way. But as of right now, I prefer to call it a bog. A bog of thoughts. Because sometimes thoughts can be messy, hard to decipher, poorly drained, but still kinda pretty to look at (???). 

All in all, my purpose here is to (try to) inspire those who come across these e-pages to excavate their authenticity in the way they observe life and maybe even to encourage you to embrace the chaotic magic of your journey. Whether in culture, relationships, nature, or maybe just metaphors (I’m a big metaphor gal), this is a space dedicated to starting conversations, asking questions, and inspiring and provoking new and noble quests for truth, compassion, and understanding. 

My mind rests soundly on the understanding that my contribution to the world isn’t to whip up and serve concrete answers. My contribution to the world may be to stir the soul into a flurry of wonder about the complexities of life’s mysteries. It’s to open up the way you think about yourself, your life, your faith, the mysteries you encounter, the people you engage with, and the questions that arise to the top of your head in fresh and captivating ways.

Whew. Big dreams for a small bog blog– I know. But even if all you experience is a nudge here or there, it’s a win in my book. 


P.S. Just so we’re clear… bogs can be (kinda) pretty.